National Anthem – Atlanta Hawks

January 26, 2020

It was only a couple hours before my performance at the Atlanta Hawks when I heard the sad news about the accident that killed Kobe Bryant, Gigi and 7 others. It was very heartbreaking.

They started the game with a moment of silence for Kobe. People wiped their tears. People were chanting his name. It was very sad. I was sad too. I never met Kobe before but I knew how good of an athlete and a father he was. I knew how closed he was with his daughters, especially Gigi. He was prout to be a girl dad.

I had never performed in a very sad moment like that before but the show must go on. I had to sing the National Anthem. Fox Sports said it was a moving National Anthem. People were cheering for me even though I knew they were all sad and heartbroken. I really appreciated that, because it was not easy for me too…

RIP Kobe and Gigi.

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