Burbank Singing Star

Event: Burbank Singing Star

Venue: Starlight Ballroom, Castaway Restaurant, Burbank

Introduction by the hosts, Jaime Monroy (comedian) and Charissa Wheeler (producer/actress/singer):


The performance: When You Believe by Mariah Carey & Whitney Houston


Judges comments after the performance:

Peggi Blu (American Idol vocal coach)
V Bozeman (Gramy nominated singer & “Veronika” in TV drama Empire)
Natasha Key (4th place winner of Eurovision 2004)
Alessandro Calemme (song writer & producer)
Anthony Fedorov (4th place finalist of American Idol)

Picture with guest star, Darby Walker (Darby on Girl Meets World & finalist in The Voice):

emma sing 6.jpg

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